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hey I'm like really early in the ga...

hey I'm like really early in the game and started cross-pollinating plants.
whats the quickest way to make 850$ so i can buy the upgraded soil?

By blue
to get quick money to purchase upgraded soil you can work the money cheat-o-matic in the Tips and Tricks section of the forum (very last comment, scroll down), or sell your fourpetal maples at 90-100.

i highly recommend the cheat-o-matic, but if you choose to be a true game player, you may make your money the old fashion way.

if you do choose to us the cheat-o-matic, follow these instructions carefully.

1. go to the forum Tips and Tricks, scroll down the page to the last one or two comments, look for links, to find a website that will give you a cheat, and follow their directions carefully. i do not recommend using the hex editor.

2. close your plant tycoon, run the cheat-o-matic, and then open your plant tycoon again.

3. purchase all your upgrades, seeds and chemicals. in the chemical cabinet, only purchas about 20 - 30 fertilizer bombs, and 50-60 doses of insta-grow vaporbomb.

4. repeat step 2.

5. you will see that you will have about 100,000 dollars again. start breeding and find the six magic plants:

Fourpetal Mapel

Rosaceae Fern

Fabled Lemon Bush (original price is 436, sells with four fertilizer bombs and all of the nursery upgrades at 1030 at a moderate pace.

Nox Orchid

Aureus Scandens

Mela Rare Oak

my second advice to you is to collect all the bugs your can, because if you collect all the bugs, you will get 5000,000 dollars.

go to the forum Bugs to find out how to collect those bugs that only show up with certain plants. cygnet84 has the answers, and you can also find me there, as well.

Good luck.
By blue
i forgot to tell you.

to catch a really fast bug, such as dragonflies, beetles, or maybe a spider, follow these instructions

my technique only works if your plant tycoon is not on full screen

1. once you see a bug, press alt on your key board. this freezes everything except your mouse.

2. move your mouse to your toll box and click the net. press alt again.

3. move your mouse to where your hand might be to catch the bug. it would be about a half to one centimeter diagonally above and right of the bug.

4. click.

the best plant to sell is the Fables Lemon Bush. they only sell at 1030 if you have all of the magic plants, nusery upgrades, and if you follow my instructions. grow 15 of them ( a whole greenhouse of 'em). use four doses of insta-grow vapor bomb and fertilizer bombs. dose these chemicals in order:

1 dose of insta-grow vaporbomb
4 doses of fertilizer bomb
prune plants
1 dose of insta-grow vaporbomb
pollinate any mature plants
1 dose of insta-grow vaporbomb
pollinate all of them
another dose of insta-grow vaporbomb

make sure you collect at least 15 seeds for the next time. for the rest of the seeds, trash them. one row of fables lemon bushes can make enough 5$ seeds to make about $100.

a whole round of this can take about 5-10 minutes and give you $15450[\b].
By blue
For the comment above

It doesn't matter how many Fabled Lemon Bushes there are, and they also sell at $1035.
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