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Does someone know what to mutate to...

Does someone know what to mutate to get a citrus plant????
Thanks in advance.

By [email protected]
I hate this website. Type up a detailed response and lose it because of the way the "replay" box works. Frustrating. The simple answer to your question is that you have to use Mela or arthurium to mutate into a citrus. If you don't have either of those then I am guessing you have a fourpetal. You can mutate a fourpetal into an aureus. And then mutate the aureus into the venomous. And then mutate the venomous into mela. And mela into citrus. If you have a venomous already, then leave the earlier steps out.

You have a one in three chance of mutating in the direction you want to go. a Fourpetal could mutate into a blazing, another variety of fourpetal or an aureus. So if you have the time and money, that is the mutation path to a citrus.

To cross pollinate, you have to have mela, arthurium, venus, tahitian, litia or baccatus -- all tier 4 flowers. Getting citrus is hard.

Hope that helps.
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