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Please some one help I need the las...

Please some one help I need the last plant the Mela Rare Oak and i no i need to cross a citrus ball cactus with a venomous lemonbush but my problem is i dont have a citrus how do i get one

By centerstage
take a chance and buy common seeds from the supply store. or you can cross breed down .... just take a couple plants and experiment with them. and save your seeds!!
By cygnet84
A pear Cactus with a Lemonbush yields a rare oak
A maple with a Pipe Cactus yields a rare oak too
So Pipe Cactus and Bamboo
And of course the ball cactus with the lemonbush

So any of those combos get you the rare oak

To get the rare oak to be mela then in any combination above you have to mix two of the following:

citrus and aureas or
citrus and venomomous

There are other combination as well but they are extinct seeds so you have to have venus, baccatus or some other exotic so I have left those out.

So using the above, you could mix a citrus pear cactus with a aureus lemonbush and you will get a mela rare oak. Or a Citrus maple with a Venonomous Pipe Cactus or Citrus pipe cactus with a Venonomous Bamboo.

The flower combination gets the "mela" and the leaf cominations get rare oak. So you can mix and match as long as you have the right pairs.
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