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What is the most expensive plant to...

What is the most expensive plant to sell?

By centerstage
i've found that the fabled lemonbush sells very well at high prices. your magical plants will usually hold their own priced relatively high, also your tier 3 and 4 plants will sell well when priced high as well.
By cygnet84
A lemonbush sells for the highest. I sold it at 611 early in the game when I had not all the ornaments in the nursery. I then started using 3 fertilizer bombs on every crop of plants and had all the ornaments and tested the highest limit. 1011 is the most I could get. It won't sell at 1111. My niece plays the game and is early in the game and I told her to plant two or three plantings in a row of the lemonbush. That way you have the money for whatever you want. I know most early players have difficulty with the money -- probably buying too much stuff you don't need early -- but you need to watch the seeds in the store. You want to buy extinct seeds or you will get stuck with breeding the same plants over and over. If you buy the extinct seeds you will add lots of variety to your game.
By blue
I don't know why, but plants that are grown with growth hormone sell at higher prices. i use the growth-vapor bomb and 4 fertilizer bombs on my fabled lemonbush and they sell at $800 fast.

also, when all of them are mature, pollinate all of them, and trash the seeds, but keep 15 to breed again. one row alone can make $100.
By blue
If you're patient I might consider a different price for the Fabled Lemonbushes: $1035

For this to work, it requires:
- that the Lemonbushes are "detonated" with 2 Fertilizer Bombs
- that you have collected all of the bugs
- patience

Good luck.
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