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Fourpetal Maple Citrus Ball Cact...

Fourpetal Maple

Citrus Ball Cactus and Jalapa Maranta

To make a Jalapa Maranta, cross a Citrus Ball Cactus with a Spotted Reptans or Spotted Ball Cactus with a Citrus Reptans

Rosaceae Fern

Jalapa Maranta and Bluestar Astera

To make a Bluestar Astera, cross a Jalapa Maranta with a Spotted Reptans

Nox Orchid

Spotted Reptans and Rosaceae Fern

Fabled Lemonbush

Jalapa Maranta and Fragrant Maple

To make a Fragrant Maple, cross a Fourpetal Maple and a Jalapa Maple
To make a Jalapa Maple, cross a Citrus Ball Cactus and a Spotted Maranta
To make a Spotted Maranta, cross a Spotted Ball Cactus and a Spotted Reptans

Mela Rare Oak

Citrus Ball Cactus and Venomous Lemonbush

To make a Venomous Lemonbush, cross a Fourpetal Maple and a Citrus Maranta
To make a Citrus Maranta, cross a Citrus Reptans and a Citrus Ball Cactus

Aureus Scandens

Fourpetal Reptans and Venomous Gr

To make a Fourpetal Reptans, cross a Spotted Reptans with a Citrus Reptans to get a Jalapa Reptans, then cross the Jalapa Reptans with the Citrus Reptans
To make a Venomous Gr, cross a Citrus Reptans with a Fourpetal Astera
To make a Fourpetal Astera, cross a Citrus Reptans with a Jalapa Maranta

By sunnyday
I got a fourpetal maple seed by breeding Venomous pipe cactus and Fragrant lemonbush o.O
Is this normal or just luck?
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