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okay im not that good with computer...

okay im not that good with computers but i have $51 and i need money fast to save my plants i tried cheat o'matic and a hex editor i couldn't get either to work i don't know if im looking for the wrong thing or what someone please help!!

By lmorri8165
cheatomatic is easy. you search for the number that your money is, in your case 51. when it's done searching it will ask you to change that value...so you go in and catch a bug, sell a seed, or something. then go back to the cheatomatic, put in your new money value. it will have you change the value in the program like 2 or 3 times....then it will tell you to put in your new value into the cheatomatic, which will then transfer to the game.
By iampam
where do you find the cheatomatic at.
By vickyb
The easiest way to get more money that I have found is ....plant your seeds...go and change your clock on your computer up one hour...that will mature your plants automatically.....pollinate the ones you want seeds from and then set your clock up 10 minutes....this will give you the seeds automatically.....trim your plants up and sell them...you get money fast if you plant your most expensive seeds. Then before you plant your next batch of seeds set your clock back and start all over again. Hope this helps!
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