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could someone help me how to get au...

could someone help me how to get aureus scandens ????????

By starz
mix a fragrant and citrus flower to get the aureus leave.

to get the scandens -

mix a reptans and a g ra ss

this is the only way i've found to make the scandens .....

By centerstage
i took a venomous reptans and a four petal gr....you could also do venomous gr and a four petal reptans....

as long as you get the flowers crossed and the leaves crossed, it doesn't matter what is what.

basically....i just experimented w/ a couple different plants until i found something i thought would work. i didn't sell anything until i found it, just kept trashing the plants i didn't want.

also.....if you use that money cheat on cheatomatic and give yourself an insane amount of money, you can buy all the insta-grow whatevers that you want, and really speed up the game. :D
By blue
I have noticed that the Aureus Scandens is the hardest magic plant to find.

However, there is a simple way to find this if you have just started, because you have a large variety of tier 1 seeds already. If you just started, it would be best to not throw away your seeds.

These are my steps to getting the Aureus Scandens. If you have more methods for getting an Aureus Scandens, you can post on this comment to help any beginers.

You need to upgrade your soil to the third degree, which will cost $3850, including the second soil upgrade. The game will not allow you to by the third soil upgrade unles you have the second one.

If you cannot afford this, either continue to sell Fourpetal Maples at $100 until you reach $5000, or work the cheat-o-matic.

1. Out of what the game gives you, you should have a Ctrus Reptans and a Blue Star Astera. If you don't have the Citrus Reptans, you can find some seeds in the Supplies. If you don't have a Blue Star Astera, you could try to breed a Spotted Astera with a Jalapa Astera, a Spotted Reptan with a Jalapa Maranta, a Jalapa Reptan with a Spotted Maranta, or find an Astera seed in the Supplies.
Breed a Citrus Reptans with a Blue Star Astera. You will get a Fragrant Gra s s. Do not sell your Blue Star Astera, even if it is depleted. It will still have pollen. Make sure that the Citrus Reptans pollinates the Blue Star Astera, leaving unpollinated to pollinate itself.

2. Breed a Fragrant Grass with a Citrus Reptans. You will get an Aureus Scandens.

This is also posted in the forum Advance Tips and Cheats.
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