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hi,, can anyone tel me how could i ...

hi,, can anyone tel me how could i increase my credits.. seriously need more credits to continue the game.. i got the magic seeds,, but witout the speical soil. my seeds box are full of unknow seeds. but when i plant them,, they all results unhealthy plant.. pls tel me wat cheats tat i could increase my credits.. thanz

By taippy
try to sold some seeds, puting them in trash. It is no mucha money, but your seeds tray will have more space.
By maxime
if your plants are dying you need better soil! upgrading your water will help too but do the soil first.
By the gardener
Like Maxime said you should upgrade your soil first, then your water. I don't recomend upgrading your net until after you've upgraded everything else as it isn't necessary to take care of the plants. I recommend upgrading your seeds third because you will quickly run out of space.
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