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try collecting all the 48 bugs and ...

try collecting all the 48 bugs and the isola bug ociation will award you with a certificate and $5000 grant. Part of bug collection will go into display at the entrance of your nursery. And this really attracts more crowd to your nursery. Plants placed next to this collection sells like hot cakes! I am currently able to see my money spinner (fabled lemonbush) for $620. some bugs will only show up with certain plants. eg. i only managed to get my last rare golden spider after i planted the venus ridgeball. And u need to invest in the $4500 net.

By cygnet84
I have all the bugs and have moved various plants to the insect bulletin board that appears in the nursery. Those plants sell no more or less quickly than otehrs. The fabled lemon bush at 620 is selling quickly there because it it seriously underpriced.
By blue
Do you happen to know which bugs end up with which plant?
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