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Recipes for all the magic plants (i...

Recipes for all the magic plants (it doesn't matter which plant has which leave:

4 petal maple:
citrus + jalapa
Ball cactus + Maranta

Rosaceae Fern:
Jalapa + blue star
Astera + Maranta or maple + reptans

Fabled Lemonbush:
4 petal + rosaceae or venom + blue star or fragrant + jalapa
ball cactus + astera or maple + maranta

Aureus Scandens:
fragrant + citrus
reptans + gr

Nox Orchid:
rosaceae + spotted or blue star + daisy
astera + gr

Mela Rare Oak
venom + citrus
Lemon + ball or Lemon + pear or pipe + maple

Hope that helps.

By myst
Thank you SO much starz! HUGE help!

But I'm a little lost, would you answer this..
you list three elements (or more) in your crosses.

such as you wrote
Nox Orchid:
rosaceae + spotted or blue star + daisy
astera + gr

how or what do you mean with 3 or more crosses??
Im so lost!
I have been playing, restarted several times..
Have money out the wazoo that I can't spend but have found only two magic plants!!! The four petal maple, and the fabled lemonbush.

For example too, Ive been trying to get the nox orchid
.. I would cross nox anything with the orchid..nope..
tried venomous everything with the orchids...nope..(accckkk)
PLEASE help!

By v.....
i got all of the magic plants!!!
tkssssss 4 the help lol
By starz
Hey guys:

Sorry I didn't explain my forumulas better. The plus means there is more than one combination.

Like on the mela rare oak:

you can cross a venom and citrus flower to get the mela

and for the rare oak plant, you cross:

lemonbush plus a ball cactus


lemonbush plus a pear cactus


pipe cactus plus maple

By jollyjas
what is a Gr???
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