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ok...well hi at first.can you tell ...

ok...well hi at first.can you tell me what is the weakest magic plant,able to survive in bio-organic soil...the midle soil,how to get the plant,and does it need any extra upgrades like water,sheers and stuff?well thanks in advance.

By dragona
I got all the magic plants to survive to maturity except the Aureus Scandens. I'm sure it would too, but I upgraded soil before I found it. I think the easiest to get to is the Four Petal Maple though.

These Combinations will give you the Four Petal:
Jalapa + Citrus , Aureus + Fragrant , Venoumous + Fragrant

This will give you the Maple:
Ball Cactus + Maranta
By hoodwinked
thank you Dragona! ^^ you helped me alot,trust me.hey,not to be greedy but,do you know any more?
By hoodwinked
okay,i take that one back,i tried it and instead of a fourpetal MAPEL,i get a fourpetal LEMONBUSH.how does this work?i cross-polinate any type of ball cactus+any type of maranta.then i cross polinate any type of jalapa+any type of citrus.and then cross polinate the both to get the maple...but it didn't work...:(.please explain!
By hoodwinked
no wait scratch that,i got.FOURPETAL ball catus+FOURPETAL Maranta.srry ^^.sorry for triple posting
By dragona
I guess I should have been more descriptive. Sorry about that.
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