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What are the 6 magic plants?! I onl...

What are the 6 magic plants?! I only have 5 and I'm getting nerve racked because I'm crossbreeding everything and im comming up with nothing! I have:
1. Fourpetal Maple
2. Fabled Lemonbush
3. Nox Orchid
4. Aureus Scandens
5. Rosaceae Fern
6. *can anyone help me out here?*

By jennkneefur
The six Magic Plants are:

1. Fabled Lemonbush
2. Mela Rare Oak
3. Nox Orchid
4. Rosaceae Fern
5. Fourpetal Maple
6. Aureus Scandens

Crossbreed your rare oaks with you mela scandens and that should get you there. I have not quite charted out how I got there, still working on it.
By simon
Help pls! i have found 4 of the magic plants: Nox Orchis, Fourpetal Maple, Fabled Lemonbush and Rosaceae Fern but the fifth one is a pain,, i mean Aureus Scandens,, i have some scandens flowers,, butt how should i get Aureus???
By jennkneefur
I think this one way to get it. Hopefully it will work for you. Crossbreed Venomous Scandens with Rosaceae Reptans and you will get Fragrant Scandens. Breed that with Venomous Scandens and you will get Fourpetal Scancens. Breed that with Venomous Scandens and you should get your fifth plant. Good luck!!!
By je
You are missing the Fabled Rose of Isola.
By kirrsty
Hi. the last magic plant is Mela Rare Oak
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