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The way I came up with the blue lem...

The way I came up with the blue lemonbush, AKA, the Fabled Lemonbush, was that I had Fabled Bamboo, and I mutated it. I would suggest that if you have the Fabled Bamboo, pollinate it with itself, because the mutation sometimes doesn't work the first time around. Plant two Fabled Bamboo's and grow them. Mutate the first one and see what it turns into. If it doesn't turn into the Fabled Lemonbush, then pollinate the second plant and continue the cycle. Whatever you do, DO NOT MUTATE THE SAME PLANT TWICE, IT WILL TURN THE PLANT COMPLETELY DIFFERENT AND YOU WILL NOT GET THE SAME RESULT.

By jennkneefur
Another way to grow the Fabled Lemonbush is to crossbreed the Fragrant Maranta with Viola Bamboo. I accidently crossbreeded the last Fabled Lemonbush and ran out of seeds.
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