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I've read in a couple of places, th...

I've read in a couple of places, that folks set their clocks ahead two hours to speed up the growing time.

If you have cross pollinated, DON'T DO IT, I did and everything was great, EXCEPT the cross pollinated plants, they were all dead and full of bugs.

By danielle
you should upgrade to the yellow container soil and water before attempting to set your clock.
just set your clock 50 minutes ahead, 2 hours is too long.
By lunar_lamb
It depends on what you cross-polinate. If you're only cross polinating the common plants to get better blooms, then you should be fine. I've been manipulating the clock in my game and I only have the green soil. It's not a good idea to try and cross-polinate to get the more rare plants until you've got the better soils, but it will work with the green soil.

Try this: Plant your seeds, then set forward an hour. Re-water prune as needed. Pollinate everything, then set your clock forward another hour. Your plants should stay healthy enough to at least harvest more seeds, especially if you've tried to grow them in soil that's not healthy enough for them. I've been using this method for days now, and it's helped me earn some great money.
By sofingunpatient
how do you move you clock ahead?
is it on the os or in the game?
i tried on my os (xp) and didn't do anything.
By fragrant fern
I can x-pollinate. I just put the seeds in storage.
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