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i found four magic plants: fourpeta...

i found four magic plants: fourpetal maple, fabled lemonbush, aureus scandens and rosaceae fern. Does anyone know what the last two magical plants are?
what should i mix to get a SPOTTED plant breed?

By tweet
Hi, the fifth plant is nox orchid
I think the mix for it is daisy gr and blue star astera.
By starzmgk
You can't mix any of the beginning seeds to get a spotted or a citrus with the beginning seeds. You also can't make a ball cactus or a reptans with the beginning seeds. You have to breed through the second tier of seeds - then you can get some plants to develop the first tier seeds.
By tnt
the last one is "mela rare oak"
By vlewis
I mixed a painted orchid with a light purple plant, can't remember the name of that plant and got my Nox Orchid.
By jollyjas
I keep seeing Daisy Gr.. what does Gr stand for?
By jollyjas
How did you get the painted orchid?
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