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ok this might sound really dumb, bu...

ok this might sound really dumb, but how do you cross pollinate the plants. i have been getting the pollen from the side screen and i keep getting the same plants, how do i cross breed to get new breeds.

By momwendsue
you select the plant that you want t0 use the pollen from and use that pollen to polenate the other plant...
By kstanley
You select the plant you want to take pollen from (by left-clicking it). In the pane to the lower left, you will see the pollen for the plant you have selected--it looks like gold powder. Click the pollen, and drag it over to the plant you want to pollinate. The plant you are pollinating will have to be mature, and not depleted (depleted means it has already provided all the seeds it is going to provide.)
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