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This morning I grew a Fourpetal Bal...

This morning I grew a Fourpetal Ball Cactus and I've been trying to sell it in my nursery all day. I've sold dozens of other plants during that time, but this one remains unsold. It's not infested or unhealthy, and I even cut the $12 default price down to $10, then $8, and now $7. Still, it does not sell. I even tried buying a few ornaments (Turtle and Sundial) and leaving it in the nursery to sell for over an hour straight, and still it would not sell. Do the denizens of Plant Tycoon really hate Fourpetal Ball Cacti (or is it just my Fourpetal Ball Cactus that they hate for some reason)?

By hollister
Are you sure it doesn't have any dead bits on it? Sometimes on the ball cacti if you don't trim them off before it blooms, they're hard to see. Apparently the little customers see everything though!

Sometimes a plant won't sell at all. If the plant has not yet been pollinated, I may bring it back to the greenhouse and get seeds from it, at least that way it isn't a total waste before trashing. A $7 is sometimes not worth the wait in the nursery when a new plant can be grown in a fresh pot.
By lucymo
I keep changing the plants till i get some that sell good
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