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I have read that to get the algae o...

I have read that to get the algae out of the ocean that i would need level 3 farming, anyway my question is that i only have alittle overn 2000 tech points and the level 3 costs 90000 so is there an easier way to get tech points because i will run out of cocanuts and my villagers will starve before i can get 90000 tech points for the upgrade.

By jennydodd
you need to build a dam. drag a villager to the thinnest part of the pond(east of the village) it will say, your villager can build a dam here, so get a lot of villagers to build and put the game on x2 in the options section but watch that your food doesnt run out.once the damb is built you can grow crops on the irrigated field but build a scarecrow straight away or the birds will eat the crops. drag a villager to the north part of the village by the vines, it will say, your villager can see sharp tools or something. drop them and they wil build a scare crow. make this journey twice to complete the scarecrow! all info is on this website!
By kyon
dropping the vilager on the rocks is ok too since its there where they are going to build a dam. the "sharp" tools are for the briar thorns. it should say "twisted woods and vines"
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