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I need to find the beanstalk. It s...

I need to find the beanstalk. It says I should have planted it long ago, but I didn't. Can I still plant it now and if so, where do I get the seeds?!! Help, please.

By :)
you get the seeds from the orges lair...and then move on to the enchanted garden in the same land...walk away and either leave lands end or go in and out of a cave..you just have to leave the screen..then go back and the beenstalk should be ready! oh and WATCH for birds...dont even hit them on the way down after you get whats up there
By masir
Please, tell me what means word orges because I can`t find it in dict. Thank you
By pls
Excuse me but where exactly is the beanstalk? I'm replying the game and forgot where the beanstalk is suppose to be planted
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