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how do you get the twin fin spotanu...

how do you get the twin fin spotanus? i need it to breed with spined spotanus to get greenfin spotanus to breed with my other greenfin to get more to get more money

By fishyfox
Were you ever able to find the Twin-Fin Spotnaus? I haven't been able to hatch one yet... I'm thinking they don't exist, and didn't know if anyone had ever seen one...
By magical fish egg!
I have the magical greenfin spotanus and i didnt breed! I just got one in my first eggs!
By neptune
I have bought atlest 10000$ worth of eggs and i still havent found the twin-fin spotanus....
By hghgh
orange beta and a twin-fin fruitfish
By helen
Me too.. haven't found like ages .. I even played since years ago
By fröschli
I had a Twin-fin Spotanus many times in my level 1 eggs. Seemed like normal probability.
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