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How many totems are there, and what...

How many totems are there, and what colors are they? I have 3 sets of 8 repeats, no exaggeration, I've had 37 elders.

By mushu
and what am I supposed to do with them? Do I leave them where they appear? Or should they be moved somewhere? Is there any other purpose for them?
By kessily
Here's the deal on the elders. You only NEED 1 elder totem. Once you have cleared off the Mosaic, you have to put an elder totem in the center. You may need to move it around a little bit to hit the exact spot, but if you have high enough tech levels to clear off the mosiac you will be able to find the last gong piece on the mosiac.
Now, there are supposedly 50 different elder totems. They appear wherever your elder is when they become an elder, and you can move them anywhere you want for decoration, but they are useless except for the one you need for the mosaic.
By bammy
i tried hitting the right spot for the last gong piece at the ancient mosaic but i still fail. Furthermore, i have like 4-6 totems. Is there any other way to take the gong piece from the ancient mosaic
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