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lost golden armor

By angel
hello, does anyone know where to find the lost golden armor?
it is the last award i need to complete the game.
thanks for the help
By angel
found golden armor:
Triangle stone in water near crab soup lady
Another in front of chief
Round stone in cave near volcano
Last behind the guard (try picking it up)
Click on ruins (needs 2 stone balls and 2 stone triangles)
Enter ruins and kill 3 snakes
Pick up one treasure and open one locked chest
Repair elevator with 1 hammer, 1 oil, 4 strength and click
Need one torch to see
Click on 3 pedastals
Receive the Golden Armor and return to Cyprian
By meepy
Thanks Angel, I had searched high and low for the gold armour, I had two of the wedges and one ball. Thanks for info for the locations of the items and the temple. Very much appreciated.
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