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How can I have the trophies:

By caro
How can I have the trophies:
- Developer vanquisher (Gold)
- Good choices ( Gold)
- Power trick (Gold)
- Master detective ( Gold)
- Jill gold (Gold)
- Impatient (Gold)
By time manager
Impatient: Any Coin frenzy level: take a step and immediately hit the check mark on truck.

Power Trick: Level 35. Build Alter, Clear path to chest but don't open it yet, (make sure you have materials for an offering and free workers to "work"). Select a powerup (run fast), make an offering and hit another power up (fast work) and run straight to the chest and open it.

Developer Record: Upgrade all shacks, complete flower design, collect all coins within the "gold time". Some levels require you beat the time/score with more than barely "gold". But idk what they are.
By caro
Thanks, I have been very helpful.
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