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Help-- Level 341

By jen
I just spent $150. I am at level 341 and even if I use all three boosts I can't get close to completing it. I am about to give up. Any ideas..
I can't help previous with previous questions as I can't remember those and I don't know how to go back to see them. I would like to keep playing but I am about to give up.
By lula
I have been trying this level for a long time too and I think it is definitely deliberately unwinable. It's a shame because it was a fun game. I get they want to make money but each level should be achievable with skill luck and persistence. To throw one in that makes people give up is ridiculous. I won't be playing anymore.
By dave g
All levels are beatable. I'm on level 1284.
By posy
I agree. This is a shame because I am not spending more money on this game and I haven't enough life left to keep playing this level for the next few years!
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