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this game will not give me the last...

this game will not give me the last pebble or the last gong any one some help please

By bluemorpho00
I'm not sure about the last pebble, but the last piece of the Gong is as follows:

You must have level 3 of both engineering tech and culture tech, drag a villager to the "ancient ruins" they they will begin to uncover it, after they uncover it you must take a totem pole, drag it over the center of the mosaic (ancient place) and drop it, revealing the last gong piece. Now! If you need a totem you have to have a villager that has mastered 3 life skills. Good luck!
By aysim
I did every single puzzle in the game..But on the way of the last gong piece, my villager dropped the piece !!! I put the totem on the ancient place and saw the piece appears in the middle of the circle.. But now that i lost the piece, it doesnt reappear when i repeat that totem thing !!! Its my last puzzle for Gods sake i gotta finish or there is not gonna be any point of playing it for like 356 hours !!! Please help me if anyone had a similar problem and found a way to fix it =(
By jose
Regarding the last Gong, I drag and dop one of the totems to the center of the mosaic...nothing appear in the middle or any part within the mosaic. Please help if anyone can solve this problem. thank you.
By bklyangel
Aysim- The same happened to me, and I don't know what to do, have you figured it out yet?
By help me
the same happend to me i accidentally picked up the villager who was carrying the last gong piece has anyone figred it out
By coha92
In the puzzles tab click statistics. My villager dropped but the piece appeared in my puzzles when I refreshed the statistics!
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