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Lvl 24 Northern Tale 4

By roguea
I can't get 3 stars on this level, and have attempted it 9 times. The walkthrough makes it seem like you always have enough resources to move forward but I'm frequently waiting around for more food to do the next thing. If I upgrade farm to three stars, I run out of stone/wood before end of level and wait around for that as well.

So frustrated. I want three stars. Anything I'm missing?
By roguea
Okay, it took over 20 tries before I figured this out. Normally, using the third bonus on the line is always the best option in this game, but there's an exception on this level.

You can follow the walkthrough, but here's how I modified it:

Until past the first bridge, only use the time bonuses. Repair farm, clear to stump, collect until you have enough to upgrade farm to 2 stars, fix bridge. Once you're past the bridge, upgrade camp and clear to mechanic's house. Repair his house and clear gold stump. At this point, you'll start using some of the resource bonuses to get enough rock to fix mine/upgrade farm to 3 stars/ladder/bridge.

Alternate between resource bonus and time bonus based on whether you have enough rock for the next repair.

When you're on the last part/upper road, click all things available as soon as possible because the mechanic has to make 2-3 trips there and he goes home before returning, so click everything once green (banners, pothole, door lever, witch, gold) to get it opened before the time runs out.

When you're about to get to the monks, click on fast feet because the guy who talks to the monk walks slowly.

Ta da! 3 stars.
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