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By domybear
How do I put my hearts in the locket? There is an empty circle under the back arrow, is the locket supposed to be in that?
By nessa
Did you ever get an answer to this? I am having the same issue. I cannot find the Lockett!
By mae
Mine is gone as well and I can't continue further in the game.
By rebe
Yes me too so if anyone has a reply on this they would be willing to share that would be great
By karen
Me too!!!!!! I thought that i did something wrong but I dont want to restart the game!!!!!!!!!!!
By game crazy
I managed to fix the locket problem but I had to restart. The second time around I waited until I had two hearts before I put them in the locket and I put them in right when I got back from the moon trip when I was in the observatory.
By pamb
I really don't want to start the game. I have 2 hearts but can't find where to put them. When I go to the door with the roses its comes up really quickly then goes again...
By nannypat
I am having the same problem. I already have one heart in the locket and 1 of 3 in the inventory, the locket at the gate rises and drops quickly but the heart won't go in. Also left hand rose on the gate is illuminated. I really don't want to restart the game. Any help please?
By luvnlrn
Same locket problem! I have two hearts and no locket down in the circle. I'm stuck now trying to open the garden gate. Surely restarting the game isn't the only way to fix this is it??
By kaa
The locket layed in the drawer in the house. It's a design flaw. You have to start over to get it.
By george

Glad to read I'm not the only one having this problem...as well as sad, 'cause it's a fun game and I rrrreeally don't want to restart the game. The empty circle puzzled me (no pun intended :-)) but apparently it has something to do with the locket.
Too bad.
By luvnlrn
Well I restarted the game for a second time and once again the locket is disappeared. Very upsetting to buy a game with a design flaw that you can't finish.
By frustrated
Big Fish Games Reps - what is the plan for fixing this flaw? Customers deserve a game that can be finished.
By jjak123
My Lockett disappeared I don't want to restart the game I want it fixed or my money back
By gma
I had to start game over ,saved 2 hearts until needed to get through gate,. put left then right in locket, but now after getting 3rd heart lost my locket again!anyone have the answer? getting frustrated!!.
By homer
By gma
Donot put first stone in until you get second stone then put left in first then right all this when your ready to go through gate .when you get third stone use it as soon as you get it to go through doors with three roses.
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