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If you need another master skill fo...

If you need another master skill for an Esteemed Elder, Take 2 villagers over 50 and contiously place the prospected Esteemed Elder on the other for parenting. Do this really fast for about 10 minutes (without letting them go into the hut, if they are over 50 they wont have a bayb) and the parenting skill will go up very quickly

By weeeeeeeeeee
Are you sure this works I mean in the old one they could breed till they died. are you sure its not the same?
By wendy
Or, you can pick any male who needs another skill, find a female over 50 and go at it. Put one over the other, and quickly click that person to move them just a tiny bit. This adds up pretty fast and can get elders more quickly...for both sexes.
By teky
men over 50 can get women pregnant though... it's kinda good if you want the children to inherit some of the esteemed elder's skills
By vv:tlc player
I did what you said but the Elderly women villager who I used too do it died, she was a skilled villager :.( :(
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