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To make the esteem elder first get ...

To make the esteem elder first get a kid with a skill, this kid may grow up to be the esteem elder. once he/she is 14 start training him/her IMMEDEITLY!! The entire bar does not have to be filled up all the the way to be a master, but close. I find healing,building and breeding the easist for boys and farming,building and healing easist for girls.

By lizzy
I think that it is much easier to do farming, building, and research..
By e
or.... start healing when still young: brew the sick stew, which is 44+any other herb besides 4, then keep draggin one kid into the stew and use another kid to heal

if u keep doing this, starting from age 2 while waiting for other stuff, the kid will be an adept healer in no time b4 it even hits 14 yrs old
By vrix
i started at 20 then every ten years of each skill then my villager is an esteemed elder
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