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Gravely Ill Goal

By molly
I want to complete the "Gravely ill" goal but I'm not sure how to. When someone gets sick in my family, should I just not treat it for a while? Like overnight, or a whole day or so, like until they are really sick?
By mbeag
You have to get the doctor's check up to first determine they are g...
By mbeag
You have to get the doctor's checkup to officially determine they are gravely ill. You know they are gravely ill when they have multiple sicknesses/infections and need penicillin or vancomycin.
By bea
I had the same problem. To get them to become very sick, I never treated any illness they got, cut down on their showers, and made sure that they only had ONE kind of grocery in the house. I gave mine only grains and two out of five got gravely ill within a day.

You will have to leave them like this for about an hour after they get sick. Then treat the illness. Exit the game and reopen it. If the same person is I'll treat it again. Repeat until the person has been ill two or three times. Then you will know that they are gravely or seriously I'll and you can get a doctors inspection.

You once you find out the infection, treat it IMMEDIATELY! I had just redone a room and paid for my kids over ten to go to school when one of my three and five yr olds became gravely ill without me doing that stuff (after the first time it can happen more often in future generations). I got a doctor appointment for them but then I could only afford one set of vancomycin. Before I had time to sell my sofa and TV to make enough money for the penicillin my kid needed, his infection went from grave to serious. I exited the game to go on a forum to ask for advice, reopened the game about two minutes later and he was dead. My family all became depressed and I could afford therapy. The parents and three yr old got through it but my other five yr old died in grieving for his twin. Don't hang around!

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