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gurdian moom

By mary
I can not solve the 16 lights, I even looked on your cheats and I must not understand them cause I can't get them to work right. please help

By tracy
Hi Mary!

Ok this one is tricky. You need to pick an unlit bulb and click on it. Then click on all the other bulbs in that row and column... meaning click on all the other bulbs across and all the bulbs down. It doesn't matter if they are lit or unlit. Then move on to another unlit bulb and do the same until all 16 are finally lit. It takes a while to do it... Hope that helps...
By eva
I tried to press all in the same row and column as the bulb I want to change. I have pressed them all at once, in a sequence, in every way I could imagine. Thing is, nothing happens, except when I click just one, and all in the same row or column turn on/off. I cannot get just one to change. And that is... ugh!
Heeelp! :(
By glenysmenace
I just kept on tapping the lights randomly and they all eventually turned on
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