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Catching fish?

By janice
How do you get them to catch fish? I know sometimes they are reluctant to learn something new, but this isn't going over well. Also, I can not figure out how they start gardening, and how do you boil the fruit from the pinapple tree? Right now my guys are are straving, and I can't seem to get them to do squat.
By matilda
you have to repair both the piers and the fishing nets first before you can catch fish. You must already have cloth made. to do this you need puzzles one and three and the sewing hut. to make cloth drop a villager near the firewood to cut the vines. You need cutting tools for this, salt water in the pot and a hot rock to boil the water. once the water is boiling drop someone on the pot and they will put the vines in the water. When done drop them on the pot again. They will carry the pulp to a flat rock. You must drop villagers on this pulp over and over again until they finish making the cloth. then they will carry it to the sewing hut. drop the villager on the pier and they will repair the nets. Now, for the fruit, you need level 2 construction to get them to clear the rubble from the cooking pit, near the fruit trees. once cleared you must get 4 hot rocks in the pit. put the game speed on slow to keep them from cooling of and disappearing. There is a banana tree to the right of the blackberry bush. once the 4 rocks are in the pit drop someone on the tree. They will get leaves to cover the pit. once this is done it will stay hot forever. then you can cook the fruit. good luck!
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