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Final puzzle problem

By thor
On the final puzzle, there are no bugs at the top of the two statues to touch?
How do I begin the level otherwise.

By pmcountry
Have you checked the walkthrough for the answer or to make sure you didn't skip anything? It's been awhile since I played it, but if you've gotten to the last puzzle the bugs should automatically be there - I think.
By [email protected]
I have the same problem, no bugs to click on the top of the heads! I am so angry. It's the last time I buy a Big Fish game. It is an obvious flaw in the game.
By jack
This is so stupid! There are 2 pieces of puzzle that the statue won't blink it's eye. I guess you need to fit correctly, but no matter how many times I try to move it, it just won't fit right. I want my money back!
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