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how do you get a silky shark? i nee...

how do you get a silky shark? i need a silky gold bulb lol... got 4/7 magic fishes..still no .luck on twin fin spon justin

Silky Shark is REALLY hard to breed. Best way to get a Silky Shark is by buying the Beginner Eggs, and hope for the best. A Silky Shark comes up fairly often in the Beginner Eggs. - Unknown Reader

And, the magical fish is the Greenfin Spotanus, not twin-fin. Could be another reason why you are having problems. - Unknown Reader again. (How many times do I need to edit this to get it right? LOL)

actually i had the greenfin spon. I was trying to get a twin fin spon.. not realizing i really didnt need it..and yes i know the magic fish is the greenfin..but thanks.. i have the 7 magic fish now. i got the last one on 8/27/06

By drew
Hehe im playing the internet version and i just put all my fish for 500 bucks each and left them in the sell tank and sold them went to walmart and about an hour later i had over 3k i love it!!!
By vikki
Can someone tell me how to get a pigmy. I have never gotten one nor can I seem to breed one. I have one magic fish left and I cant seem to get it! Thanks
By newbie macster
hey can anybody tell me how to breed the magic fishes????
By fish tycoon
Hi i am using the begginer eggs and i bought lots about 20 but still i cant get the silky shark i got 3 greenfin spotanus but no silky shark u need luck to have them cause if not no magic fishes i got 4/7 too.
Im stuck now
By sologurl
Silky Catfish +silky shark =silky shark
By sologurl

SilkyCatfish + Silky Shark= Silky shark
Silky arrowfish+ silky fat = Silky Catfish
Silky arrowfish=Silky Catfish+Silky fat.
Combine Silky Catfish + Silky Shark= Silky Shark.
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