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mossy rocks

By tl
Okay, what do you have to do to get the moss off the rocks. I have completed all the puzzles except that one. The only collection I haven't been able to complete is the majestic fish. Still missing 1 scale. Does this have to be complete before you can grab the crab? I have gotten 2 kids over there and some adults, but the adults refuse.

By pmcountry
Copied from guide:

Puzzle 10 requires fishing nets, so you must complete Puzzle 12 first. (Seems out of order to me, but there doesn't seem to be a fully logical order to these puzzles!) Once your fishing nets are complete, fast running red crabs will start to appear on the north end of the beach. As soon as you see a crab, hit the spacebar to pause the game. Then go and find two children and drop them on the crab. Then hit the spacebar again to un-pause the game. The children will "distract the crab". While they are distracting the crab, drop an adult on the crab and they will pick it up and carry it to the mossy rocks at the base of the pond. Do this five times to clear each of the rocks.
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