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Cake Mania 1 06/18/2013
To beat February Circus, do this: The hardest part is the first 4... 1 04/20/2013
o! I can't make casino, february... please help me.. ... 9 04/14/2012
I'm not too addicted... yet. Okay, so I have to play Cake Mania when... 1 01/11/2008
I m stuck on level 26(february in the circus).I need 600$ but i can ... 1 11/07/2007
I am on the final December and have played this round at least 10 ti... 2 06/24/2007
thanks to everyone who wrote helpful things about the feb casino lev... 1 06/24/2007
Use your hard earned money wisely! TV: A television keeps custome... 3 04/02/2007
Look for the trends that customers like. If you get to know the char... 2 03/24/2007
I'm a guy and I confess I was surprised how much I enjoyed playing t... 1 01/13/2007
Erm, I don't know why but i can never get past december home kitchen... 1 12/23/2006
Can someone help me p October Casino? The leaving two people in the... 1 10/23/2006
February in the circus!!! i have played it over 10000 times and cant... 2 10/21/2006
I'm on Circus level Febuary, I make it p 600 dolloars but it still t... 3 10/05/2006
i love this game but i am struck on casino may is there anyone who c... 1 09/28/2006
I must be an idiot, but i can't figure out how to save my games. I'... 2 09/24/2006
Get to know each customer's personality: Delivery Man: Patient an... 0 08/31/2006
Customer Favorites Customer:Favorite Topping:Favori... 0 08/31/2006
Does anyone know of any secrets or cheats for this game?... 0 07/21/2006
While you are holding a cake in your hand, you can start an oven coo... 0 07/23/2006
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(42 Discussions)
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