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What is in the crate? 1 10/07/2007
how to make a villager healthy 1 09/25/2007
Yeah me too. Virtual villagers is so awesome that they should make a... 4 09/25/2007
I've read that some people have gotten corrupt files which leave the... 1 09/12/2007
I don't get any Island Events :( I've played for over a day and I s... 2 09/07/2007
o! i'm just wondering if you have a solution to my problem: all of ... 1 09/05/2007
i have found the cauldron but i dont know where they put it ... how ... 4 09/05/2007
how do you get your villagers to farm. like get corps from the groun... 1 09/05/2007
why cant elder people have kids iv left it to long and they all dyin... 1 09/05/2007
I accidentally lost one piece of my gong (the one you get from the m... 1 09/03/2007
I just had a message that 4 babies disappeared during the night. It... 1 09/03/2007
All my men died i only have women and no children how do i get a man... 1 08/26/2007
My last female is now 41. She is only making baby boys. Over and o... 2 08/22/2007
Hi can any1 help me? Ive trained 3 of my villagers to be master bui... 5 08/22/2007
Do you get a Golden child in this chapter of the game, and if you do... 1 08/22/2007
ok i just started ths game i openend the crate and now my villagers ... 2 08/22/2007
o Ok well i jsut got the cauldron but now i cant find where they put... 2 08/22/2007
RINGING OF THE GONG.I rang it the first two times, and wasn't quite ... 1 08/22/2007
Do you bury dead villagers the same way as in the original cuz i sta... 2 08/22/2007
ok, so I've figured out that in VV1, dragging the adult villa... 2 08/21/2007
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(217 Discussions)
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