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can anyone please tell me how to fix the statue? i have the chief th... 1 06/18/2008
Please help i have plans on my chalk board but don't know what they ... 4 06/17/2008
i have no chief! it's none of my villages and not my pregnant women ... 2 06/17/2008
In the guide, it states that the turtle sh ells are only by the "Mar... 1 06/04/2008
How do you get the potion to get rid of the sharks. I read on anoth... 1 05/30/2008
go to this site, you will find all http://www.virtualvillagers3.n..... 0 05/30/2008
go to this site, you will find all http://www.virtualvillagers3.net... 0 05/30/2008
The launches the find in the lower left under the stairs bath in the... 0 06/03/2008
So I was playing and shut my game down for a little while and I lost... 0 06/07/2008
A tip I found out by accident, The chief has certain powers he can o... 0 06/14/2008
My villagers won't build. Unless there is a project going on they do... 0 07/05/2008
Doing pretty well, except now I need to gain more points to get to t... 0 07/06/2008
I only have 1 tribe member left, is there anyway I can ensure that a... 0 07/07/2008
if when you r fixing the statue & they stop working what ever you do... 0 07/25/2008
Can anyone help me find the rare item that the chief is pointing out... 0 08/06/2008
What is up with the fog and sunshine? Does anything happen when the ... 0 08/21/2008
I discovered that if you drop villagers on huts, they will either ex... 0 09/23/2008
Beware The Low Tide! When I chose to pick up the fish, hoping to ga... 0 10/04/2008
i need help i have 2 of 3 trees my honey is all gone the fruit i... 0 10/13/2008
how can i have chief 0 11/18/2008
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(45 Discussions)
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