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Can anyone help me find the spear, please? Someone said it was at t... 9 08/21/2014
when the coffee beans come up there's an alternate from the choices ... 4 05/14/2009
Please help i have plans on my chalk board but don't know what they ... 4 06/17/2008
I keep trying to get my chief 2 pick up the pearl and it says the vi... 4 02/16/2018
to use the lift it has to rain Weather Dancing is technically the 5... 3 08/07/2009
why is it even when I got all three trees still my villagers dont ha... 3 07/09/2008
Can anyone tell me how to get a master doctor...none of my villagers... 3 07/09/2008
I've finished all the puzzles and bought all of the tech that I can ... 3 04/10/2011
Tell me how to use the lift please!!!!!!!! 2 01/20/2010
How do i use the lift ???? huh 2 06/27/2008
i have no chief! it's none of my villages and not my pregnant women ... 2 06/17/2008
I was just wondering if anyone knew if having the chief lecture the ... 2 07/01/2008
Which is the best technology to buy first?? 2 06/28/2008
I was reading through the guide and came across the mini stories, or... 2 05/31/2014
If you get to the point where you can't stand it anymore, get "Cheat... 2 06/09/2012
gem in the fire 2 02/28/2013
How do you get the potion to get rid of the sharks. I read on anoth... 1 05/30/2008
In the guide, it states that the turtle sh ells are only by the "Mar... 1 06/04/2008
I've discovered an anorexic villager. She died of starvation even th... 1 06/10/2011
can anyone please tell me how to fix the statue? i have the chief th... 1 06/18/2008
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(45 Discussions)
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