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Hi, can somebody help me please? I'm still new to Virtual Families a... 1 06/17/2010
How many levels do u need 2 compleat a career just wondering Al do... 1 05/05/2010
what if my charcter is weak what would I do? Some are Exhausted and ... 1 01/13/2010
y is there a anthole in my yard 1 07/16/2009
how long are they at college???? 2 07/16/2009
What is with the flower pots in the front by the gate? They seem odd... 1 07/16/2009
is there any way that i can make the kids to star digging the hole t... 3 07/07/2009
I cant get my husband to work he is so effin lazy. He's sposed to be... 1 06/18/2009
Sorry for my bad english... i search for some varied items but my st... 1 05/25/2009
if they are weak they wont die just let them rest or just leave them... 1 05/23/2009
If u place 2 people on the coins and collections then they both will... 1 05/20/2009
Where is the fire extinguisher? How are you suppose to put the fires... 1 05/20/2009
how to repair the floor ? 1 05/20/2009
One of my characters has the hiccups. How do I cure this? The Pepto ... 1 05/17/2009
goldie, you have to open the shed by going to the sand box and picki... 1 05/17/2009
To fix the birdbath, you have to fix the water hose (buy waterproof ... 3 05/16/2009
I need advice... I can't get my family to fix the "Lint in the dryer... 1 05/11/2009
Go to the sandbox and pick up the door nob, your player will fix the... 0 05/12/2009
to fix the sink.. you have to drag the person to the toolbox in the ... 0 05/10/2009
If a person's energy is down, either give it an energy drink or keep... 0 05/13/2009
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(128 Discussions)
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