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hi how u can buy enviorment food and advertsing research what level ... 1 11/07/2006
This game runs off the clock on your computer, so if you havnt figu... 1 10/27/2006
So what is everyone's average stats? 1 10/17/2006
I was wondering how much to price the fish. The basic ones.. not the... 3 10/07/2006
Well, I finally did it. At one point in my game I have owned at leas... 1 09/26/2006
I have allready got green fin spotanus on the web version but it doe... 1 09/26/2006
I've rolled back the comments that were defaced earlier. Thanks Unkn... 2 09/21/2006
QUESTION: What is a pigmy fish?? I have been playing since before... 1 09/16/2006
can anyone tell me how to make lodes of money? 1 09/15/2006
Okay I got all of the magical fish, is that the end of the game? A ... 1 09/13/2006
I started out i had no clue what to do i listed a fish for 4408537 a... 2 09/12/2006
Haha.... I wonder wo came up with the idea to raise a fish's price s... 1 09/09/2006
Halloween ist eine Zeit des Gebens. home loans Eine Zeit, wenn du wi... 2 09/07/2006
Does anyone know exactly how many possible breeds there are?... 1 09/05/2006
all i did to get most of the magic fishes was get alot of money by m... 1 09/03/2006
can any one tell the combinations 4 magical fishes 0 08/26/2006
Good money making tips- For those people who can't seem to make thei... 0 09/08/2006
how do i get money on this game for free 0 01/05/2007
Do the babies grow faster with more than one goldbulb in the tank?... 0 01/12/2007
How can I get Silky Fruit fish? I've been trying to breed the fruit ... 0 01/22/2007
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(154 Discussions)
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