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how do you get a hornet flash fish?I am only ten years old.any comba... 1 03/20/2011
someone pleaaaaaaaaseeee telllll me wht your key code for fish tyco... 2 02/27/2011
I got the canary fire arrow from the unknown chemical, it sparkles, ... 3 12/31/2010
HELP PLZ...everytime i feed my fish their health goes down...y is it... 4 09/06/2010
http://www.ldwsoftware.com/ubbthreads/showflat.php?Number=16158 Ho... 2 02/16/2010
I'm new to this game on my ipod, but I found a few ways 2 survive th... 2 12/19/2009
I started another online game on a different site. This time I'm mak... 5 12/13/2009
On the online version, the Greenfin Beta was the Fish of Fertility. ... 3 11/10/2009
how can i get a spined fruitfish - no matter how many new eggs i b... 1 10/15/2009
how to get 10000$ I have been doing exactly that lately. It take... 2 10/14/2009
I was wondering if anyone has tried the full version on windows vist... 2 04/18/2009
The unknown chemical Just tried the unknown chemical, and... 2 03/16/2009
why should i get the second tank and wat is so good about it... 1 02/21/2009
The breeding chart above has an EXCELLENT breeding guide. I was tir... 1 02/21/2009
what happends when you have 20 fish in a tank and they have babies..... 2 02/14/2009
the canary fire arrow is selling at $450 real well for me. Breed the... 1 02/14/2009
how do i get my fish to breed? got loads of money got all fish to ma... 1 12/13/2008
These four fish can be used to breed all other fish: Silky... 2 10/25/2008
I'm just playing around with this game as I procrastinate doing my F... 4 10/22/2008
How do you get infinant #s? I can just get 9999 and then it stops. (... 1 10/19/2008
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(154 Discussions)
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