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please give me a list of fish that price from 50-150 dollars... 0 01/28/2007
how do you get a pink pigmy? 0 02/09/2007
I also got the Greenfin Beta. Was wondering why it was a beta not a... 0 02/18/2007
you can breed a hornet goldshark with a speckled leafish magic breed... 0 02/23/2007
hey guys cmon if u wanna noe the fish formulas just go to this site:... 0 04/26/2007
I was wondering why does the fish tycoon of shockwave i dont know if... 0 05/01/2007
Does anyone know if it's possible to transfer fish to another 'name'... 0 05/01/2007
I rate it... 11 of 10 cuz it's over the average 0 05/11/2007
someone please tell me wht your key code for fish tycoon is.i really... 0 05/13/2007
hey im new at this how do it get canary snouts and canary comets ... 0 05/15/2007
good game 9/10. but i cant help the urge to rip out my hair wheneve... 0 05/26/2007
this isnt a question just a hint in the beging of the game you can s... 0 06/19/2007
Follow thie link to help with breeding the fish you want. http://... 0 07/06/2007
but where are the cheats? 0 07/25/2007
why wont the 999999 trick work for me? How long do you have to leve... 0 08/05/2007
ITS REAL! JUST PRICE AT 99999999999999 AND PUT MANY FISHES INSIDE T... 0 10/07/2007
Hi I just started playing the game. After hours of game play and ma... 0 10/12/2007
Not sure if anyone still uses this forum, but its the only useful on... 0 10/19/2007
fish tycoon is a nice,fun,interesting,.............come on many fish... 0 11/02/2007
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(154 Discussions)
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