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to enter cheat code click on f10 than enter: skip_puzzle( ) than you... 2 02/27/2015
hey my fatal hearts keep disconnecting every 2 minutes. does anyone ... 2 02/28/2012
Help with unlocking the door 2 01/21/2012
Car Chase .. 1 10/07/2011
The Fresh Start ending was terrible for me. I'll never be able to th... 2 07/04/2011
Is there any normal ending where christina ends with randy or with t... 2 01/01/2011
springstar, hit F10 then type in skip_puzzle( ). It will ask you for... 1 11/14/2010
My game seems to get stuck alot. Does anyone else's?... 7 05/17/2010
im in the escaping the police no one can help me im also a good tipp... 2 12/25/2009
guys.. please help me.. i'm still at bastians place.. and i cant get... 1 08/30/2009
The cheat code for the crowded mall isn't working. 3 08/25/2009
How do I get past the hospitale maze? It wont do anything but give m... 1 01/26/2009
how do you enter a cheat code?PPPPPLLLLLLLLZZZZZZ answer this. I can... 2 11/23/2008
can anyone tell me the code for the rune keypad!!! 4 11/21/2008
If you look at the guide you can read all the endings and how to get... 1 11/09/2008
im going to kill my computer with my sword downstairs if no one help... 2 11/09/2008
hey how the heck do i get the code number for the cheat?????? wat do... 1 05/31/2008
How do I get past the spider web on fatal hearts amberfreire@bell... 1 01/22/2008
How do I get into the safe? 0 01/26/2008
what will i do next after katie and bastian met?!?!...ENDING 08 appe... 0 02/16/2008
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(28 Discussions)
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