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Help! Possible bug? 1 08/07/2016
help i cant figure out how to make Pralines with currants for Oscar ... 2 09/02/2015
HELP! I Have all ports, all stores, all factories and all I need is... 2 08/18/2013
hi, i'm almos in the end of the game, i'm collecting the signatures ... 4 05/26/2013
How can I upgrade my factories? 1 09/15/2012
How can I bribe shopkeepers? 1 09/15/2012
the clove ricipe do you have it ? 4 01/02/2012
I have a question, where is the chocolate tasting lab? And which pla... 1 01/10/2010
What port has pecans in it?? 1 01/10/2010
Where can I find the Bing Cherries? 1 12/22/2009
Question... I accepted a quest and I didn't realize I didn't have th... 1 11/09/2009
I need help!!! I have all 72 recipes, but it still says I need to co... 1 10/04/2009
on the web site "cheatcodes web .com" for chocolatier 2 is a spre... 1 10/01/2008
hi i have a question. i know this is stupid but is there an easy way... 2 03/11/2008
I have a question how do i get my factories to make infusions and sa... 1 03/06/2008
I'm stuck, no one I go to will give me a quest. Is it possible that ... 1 02/28/2008
i dont have a tip i have a question i am looking for pecans, and i k... 1 02/28/2008
Chocolatier 2 overview this is not a true walkthrough. it is juat a... 1 02/23/2008
I have a question i cant find the recipe for the dark chocolate infu... 2 02/12/2008
I took this quest that felix asked me to discover a new recipe. I ha... 1 02/12/2008
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(42 Discussions)
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