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Question: How do you get to Naylith!? Its, like, Impossable to get t... 3 07/17/2012
hi there. .pls help me. .its my first time to play aveyond, and i ge... 1 03/24/2012
AARGH! I think this game has a bug. I found the merchant lying in fr... 3 01/10/2010
im stuck, i need a bomber egg for getting the sword of galahad but i... 2 10/30/2009
How do you open the blue chest? 3 08/02/2009
I have a question: Are the goodie caves: caves because I have not be... 3 07/14/2009
How on earth do you kill the poltergeist?? I can't do it, I've tried... 2 07/03/2009
How do you get to Ghed'here 1 07/03/2009
How do we get arcross the thials mountains (north) and learn ice ska... 4 06/30/2009
Can someone please help, I'm stuck. I can't seem to get to any city ... 2 06/30/2009
I am really enjoying this game have not done to badly but not quite ... 1 06/30/2009
I am really bad at puzzles so i am stuck at the the 1st puzzle at t... 2 06/28/2009
Well the death certificate isnt available until Aveyond3:gates of ni... 0 08/05/2009
Well...derricky if you keep walking until u reach 3 small houses at ... 0 08/05/2009
Ok, I have gone to the Naythlith summet but i need the four keys and... 0 08/06/2009
uve been stuck there for two months?!woah!thats some problem uve got... 0 08/07/2009
i hv a huge problem!! can u pls help me.........actually i am rite ... 0 09/14/2009
o!!! thnx 4 ur advice i hv already reached shadow wo... 0 09/19/2009
i can't get the merchant pass to work what am i doing wrong? i even ... 0 09/29/2009
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(23 Discussions)
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