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Someone help me!!!! I about to kill my computer because for the last... 7 08/06/2008
hey i gota mirror and i looking for ear wax whrere can i fins them p... 2 08/01/2008
Is there a faster way to train or to find the boat dealer before I d... 2 08/01/2008
Hi , I would really appreciate your help with this kid Lorad. I foug... 5 08/01/2008
can someone plz tell me what this hind thingy is and where hes locat... 5 08/01/2008
hi skippy! thanks! i finally stumbled on how to unlock the halloween... 2 08/01/2008
i am one of the player of aveyond... who can told me if Lars gt n... 1 07/08/2008
where is dameon? i have his soul but not him. ive checked the guide... 1 07/08/2008
In the fullversion, I'm stuck in this part: I gotta go to Land's End... 1 07/07/2008
can someone tell me how to get the wich ugly again cus I got the s... 1 07/05/2008
Somebody help me!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still cannot find the Daeva in Mt O... 1 07/05/2008
Can anyone please tell me how to get a shovel? Someone suggested in ... 1 07/05/2008
how can i uncursed the city of ejindro??? PLS ANSWERR MY QUESTION!!!... 1 07/05/2008
How do I get in the school? 1 07/05/2008
Uhh.. what fairy from the ogre’s lair? Don’t you mean the priestess?... 1 06/30/2008
hi everyone.. i hope there's still some playing this game who could ... 2 06/28/2008
where to find the bottle to capture the fairies? 1 06/22/2008
OK, how's THIS for a bug? I was fighting monsters in Mt Orion and ... 1 06/20/2008
Where in the Thieves' Cave can I find the assassin? ... 1 06/09/2008
Where in Sedona can I find the bottle? 1 06/06/2008
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(291 Discussions)
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