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How do I turn off the music in Aveyond? 2 01/02/2011
I have a little delay about the first, WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU SUPPOS... 2 10/03/2010
ok i reali screwed up this time.. well i got the 60,000 dollor boat ... 6 11/20/2009
I'm on my way to Ahriman's Lair, but haven't found any dynamite to ... 3 11/15/2009
I need to know the answer to the last question in the dungeon in Ghe... 2 10/13/2009
where do you get the 'key' to halloween hills, where is witchwood an... 2 10/12/2009
ok. is the easiest druid the one who is half horse? i found her, but... 9 10/12/2009
how do i uncurse the people of ejindro 1 09/10/2009
Plz help! Ive got pomegranete seeds and the old woman asks if i hav... 1 08/16/2009
how do you get the sun druid??? 1 08/16/2009
hi now WHERE IS SEDONA 1 08/16/2009
how do I find Clearwater? I've finished the game, beaten the last b... 2 08/16/2009
Does anybody know how to get the slugemaster2000?? 1 06/24/2009
How i get a shovel? 2 06/08/2009
Does anybody know a really, really, really good strategy to defeat A... 2 05/02/2009
ned help where do i find the city of sedona?asap 2 05/02/2009
You know the guy at the bottom of eastern isle? The one that will se... 1 05/02/2009
Thanks Corey. It's just that it says you can blow up the wall in the... 9 02/26/2009
where do you get the nectar, moonrose,and spoon i cant find them and... 1 02/19/2009
o sorry but i can't get the glow berry's for hector pls' helpppppp. ... 1 02/18/2009
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(291 Discussions)
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