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Syberia - Part 1

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[Note: If you own the original Syberia, this is the same adventure.] Search a mysterious estate and find a brilliant and mysterious inventor in Syberia: Part 1 and experience the first part of this incredible trilogy! Kate Walker is a young lawyer visiting France to close the sale of a large manufacturing estate. But when the estate's owner turns up dead, Kate must search for the hidden heir. Delve into a mechanical wonderland filled with puzzles and surprises, on a journey that reaches far into the imagination in Syberia: Part 1!

  • Find a missing inventor
  • Solve awesome puzzles
  • Search a mysterious estate!

Genre: Action
SubGenre: Adventure
ESRB: Everyone
Free Trial: Yes
Current Download Rank: #514

Syberia - Part 1 Screenshots

Syberia - Part 1 Screenshot http://games.bigfishgames.com/en_syberia-part-1/screen1.jpg

Syberia - Part 1 Screenshot http://games.bigfishgames.com/en_syberia-part-1/screen2.jpg