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Monument Builders: Titanic

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Relive the great moments of the creation of the legendary Titanic and be a part of its incredible story in Monument Builders: Titanic! Use your Time Management skills to produce wood and metal that will be used in the construction of the world's most famous ship. Manage, train, and hire workers to speed up the project and finish in time for the Titanic's inaugural launch. Get rid of pesky thieves and conquer other obstacles in Monument Builders: Titanic!

  • Manage resources
  • Command a workforce
  • Build the Titanic!
  • Play Monument Builders: Eiffel Tower

Genre: Action
SubGenre: Time Management
ESRB: Everyone
Free Trial: Yes
Current Download Rank: #3206

Monument Builders: Titanic Screenshots

Monument Builders: Titanic Screenshot http://games.bigfishgames.com/en_monument-builders-titanic/screen1.jpg

Monument Builders: Titanic Screenshot http://games.bigfishgames.com/en_monument-builders-titanic/screen2.jpg